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New Name, Same Leader in Muscular Health Assessments
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IPCS is Now

In a changing world with skyrocketing healthcare costs, DataFit is here to stay. We’ve pioneered methodologies based on industry needs, ensuring the most reliable and data-driven assessments available. While the name is different, you can trust in our legacy to put people in positions where they can be safest and most productive.

Save Money Through Employer-Controlled Assessments.

DataFit has the experience and standardized assessments to evaluate your workforce, but employers know their business best. Our flexible pricing models put employers in control of their own hiring criteria. No matter their needs, we can measure ROI through meaningful changes in your workforce.

  • Reduced healthcare claims and workplace injuries

  • Fewer workplace compensation claims and employee lawsuits

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Fewer open positions

  • Lower recruiting costs

  • Improved employee morale

Why Muscle Data Science Matters


Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for almost 400,000 injuries every year.

$ 45-54

MSDs are estimated to cost between $45-54 billion a year.

38 %

MSD cases require 38% more lost time days than the average illness or injury.

33 %

MSDs account for 33% of all workers’ compensation costs.  

Make Your Workforce More Cost-Effective with DataFit

We’ve helped employers across North America build more resilient workforces through objective data.

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