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Muscular Strength Assessment Services for Employers

DataFit is the nation’s leader in muscular health assessments. As healthcare costs skyrocket, we partner with employers to reduce healthcare costs and create a safer, healthier workplace. Through utilizing objective muscular health data we evaluate their job candidates and employees to match them with open positions.

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It’s an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace. DataFit’s muscular health assessments allow businesses to put new hires and existing employees in positions where they can succeed.

Employers are in control of their own hiring criteria. Detailed Job Task Analysis (JTA) determine the standards for each position. DataFit has decades of experience delivering reliable, unbiased assessments required to make critical personnel decisions. Employers control how much risk they take in the hiring process, and DataFit provides the data required to assess potential and current employees in an unbiased, safe, and legally defensible manner.

Drive ROI Through Assessments

DataFit has the experience and data needed to help employers reduce costs and support a healthier workforce. We have the largest knee and shoulder isokinetic database and have developed methodologies to provide consistent, evidence-based information that helps employers save money.

Simply put, DataFit drives meaningful results.  DataFit customers enjoy an average ROI of $5 for every dollar spent per year.

Make Your Workforce More Cost-Effective with DataFit

Take control of skyrocketing healthcare costs. Transform your workforce with DataFit.

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