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Job Task Analysis

Identifying and measuring the physical demands of various job roles is crucial for creating a safe, efficient workplace. DataFit’s comprehensive Job Task Analysis helps businesses make better hiring decisions and save money through objective and actionable insights.


It’s hard to make the right hiring decision when you don’t know the essential physical requirements of a job. DataFit’s job task analysis services allow you to identify exactly what it takes for job candidates to perform tasks effectively, efficiently, and with less risk of injury. In turn, your business can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Strategic Hiring: By understanding the physical demands of different roles, businesses can make informed hiring decisions that lead to a more sustainable workforce. DataFit uses accurate, reliable processes to provide meaningful data for hiring criteria.

  • Risk Prevention: Employees who aren’t physically able to complete necessary tasks are more likely to get hurt. DataFit helps you understand job demands to limit potential injuries through more informed personnel decisions.

  • Optimized Job Performance: The more your business knows about the physical requirements of a job, the better. Job task analysis can lead to better task allocation and improved employee performance since people are put in better positions to succeed.

  • Cost Efficiency: Fewer injuries mean fewer costs. Job task analysis helps reduce potential healthcare claims while indirectly reducing absenteeism, turnover, and other costs associated with unhealthy, unhappy employees.
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Every successful job task analysis starts with a good foundation. DataFit has years of experience providing comprehensive job task analysis services, allowing us to objectively identify, observe, and measure the essential physical demands of your positions.

  • Pre-JTA Planning: Every project starts with a plan. We begin with a phone review to iron out analysis schedules, site contacts, and other critical details for program success.

  • Subject Matter Expert Interviews: Upon arrival, DataFit starts by gathering in-depth insights from those most familiar with the job demands. We meet with managers, supervisors, and key personnel to learn about the physical demands of each craft and develop an observation plan.

  • Comprehensive Observations: DataFit shadows workers to capture a range of essential physical tasks. We closely observe physically demanding job tasks for each craft to analyze the frequency and exertion needed to complete lifting, bending, and any other key job requirement.

  • Precise Data Collection: In addition to observation, every task is carefully measured to provide employers with the information they need to make key decisions. Our certified staff conduct each analysis using industry tools including scales, dynamometers, and tape measures to provide accurate, trustworthy results.

  • In-depth Reporting: Upon completion, DataFit delivers comprehensive, data-driven reports detailing physical job demands. Each job classification will have a separate report that clearly and concisely outlines the key physical demands of task.
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Why DataFit is the Right Choice for Job Task Analysis

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After decades as an industry leader, DataFit has a long history of providing accurate, consistent assessments. Each job task analysis is carefully conducted to capture the most precise measurements of job demands. 

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Customized Analysis

DataFit can analyze a wide range of physically demanding job classifications in numerous industries. We tailor each report to the intricacies of different job classifications to outline the key physical demands of each position.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Information is the key to making good decisions. Each job task analysis report is broken down to highlight a general summary, specific essential duties, physical activities analysis, and specific physical activities to be as thorough and data driven as possible.

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Proven ROI

DataFit has a long history of driving ROI. Businesses that partner with us generate an average return-on-investment of $5 for every $1 they invest.

Want to know how much your business can save?

Use our online ROI calculator to receive an estimate of savings based on only a few datapoints. 

Have All the Information You Need to Make Critical Decisions

DataFit partners with businesses to help them understand the true physical demands of their positions. Let us help you make more informed and legally compliant personnel decisions today.

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