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DataFit: Muscle Strength Assessments for the Construction & Utilities Market

Employees in the construction and utilities sectors are often asked to complete a wide range of tasks that require both physical resilience and adaptability. DataFit partners with businesses to build healthier, more sustainable workforces that are physically capable of meeting the industry's unique demands and helping you achieve your organizational goals.


Construction and utilities are some of the hardest, most dangerous industries for workers. DataFit partners with these businesses by helping them build a healthier workforce and match employees with jobs where there is less likelihood of injury from the following risk factors:

  • High Physical Demands: Construction and utilities roles often require regular strenuous physical labor over long periods of time.

  • Potential for Falls: Working at heights is frequently required, increasing the risk of serious injuries from falls.

  • Heavy Lifting: Tasks often involve lifting and transporting heavy objects, leading to extra wear and tear that can cause musculoskeletal issues.

  • Varied Environmental Conditions: Work may take place in extreme heat, cold, or other challenging environments that create even more health concerns.

DataFit Solutions Tailored for Construction & Utilities Businesses

Employers know their business best. At DataFit, we work with construction and utility companies to conduct reliable, data-driven assessments that help those businesses put people in positions where they can be safest and most productive. Employers can then use that data to make hiring decisions based on their own hiring criteria. Our services include:


Safer, healthier employees are more effective employees, especially in construction and utility jobs. By partnering with DataFit, construction and utilities organizations can expect:  

  • Decreased Injury Rates: Our assessments aim to minimize the risk of physical injuries.  

  • Enhanced Job Performance: Ensuring that workers are fit for their roles leads to better performance.  
  • Increased Project Efficiency: A healthier, more capable workforce contributes to the efficient completion of projects. 

  • Return on Investment: Fewer injuries and happier employees lead to reduced healthcare costs and losses from absenteeism and other indirect staffing issues. 
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Businesses that work with DataFit generate an average return-on-investment of $5 for every $1 they invest. Use our online calculator to estimate your potential ROI. 

Build Healthier Workforces with DataFit Today

Looking to enhance the safety and efficiency of your workforce in the construction and utilities sectors? Partner with us today to start driving results. 

Contact DataFit for a consultation.