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DataFit: Muscle Strength Assessments for the Healthcare Market

The healthcare industry is an essential yet complex sector, characterized by high physical demands and long working hours. At DataFit, we understand these unique challenges and work as an objective partner, committed to achieving your organization’s goals while ensuring the well-being and productivity of your healthcare workforce.  


DataFit is the go-to muscular health assessment partner for employers across North America. We partner with employers in the healthcare market to help them address the specific challenges that lead to higher workers’ compensation claims and other skyrocketing costs. Healthcare professionals often grapple with:  

  • High Physical Demands: Jobs often require lifting, bending, and long periods of standing.  

  • Patient Handling Risks: The need to move or assist patients increases the risk of physical injuries.  

  • High Stress Levels: Constant urgency and emotional demands can impact worker well-being.  

  • Long Working Hours: Extended shifts can lead to fatigue and decreased attentiveness.  
Healthcare Workers

DataFit Solutions Tailored for the Healthcare Market

DataFit has a reputation for helping businesses put people in positions where they can be safest. We provide businesses with reliable, objective data to help them match employees with the right positions, make better personnel decisions, and create a healthier, more sustainable workforce. These services include:  


DataFit delivers direct results through data. By partnering with DataFit, healthcare organizations can expect:  

  • Reduced Workplace Injuries: DataFit helps you match employees to the right position and lower chances of both injuries and costly claims among healthcare workers.  
  • Improved Job Satisfaction: A healthier properly aligned workforce is more efficient and less likely to miss time.
  • Return on Investment: We drive quantifiable ROI by giving employers the data needed to reduce healthcare costs and other indirect losses. 
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Businesses that partner with us generate an average return-on-investment of $5 for every $1 they invest. Use our online calculator to receive an estimate of how much your business could save. 

Our Healthcare Success Stories

One prominent healthcare facility saw a 43% reduction in workers’ compensation claims, 51% decrease in medical claims & a 65% reductions in pharmacy claims after implementing our tailored muscular strength and well-being assessments. Find out more about how we’ve helped build more sustainable, cost-effective workforces for the healthcare industry.

Partner with DataFit Today

Interested in improving the well-being and productivity of your healthcare workforce while enhancing ROI? 

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