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DataFit: Supporting Sustainable Workforces for Multiple Markets

Safe workspaces and healthy employees are important for any industry. DataFit works with multiple markets to support sustainable workforces through reliable, data-driven muscular strength assessments. 


Employers have a fiduciary responsibility to provide a safe workplace environment, no matter the market. We deliver reliable, data-driven muscle strength assessments that help employers build sustainable workforces and reduce skyrocketing healthcare costs and employee expenses for the following industries. 

Our Services

DataFit’s mission is to improve workplace safety and significantly enhance return on investment (ROI) for employers in a variety of industries.

We do so by providing multiple services that give employers the objective data they need to make better hiring decisions, put current personnel in positions to succeed, and make their business a safer place – all while helping employers save money.  

Our Services


Every industry is different, but every business can benefit from reducing costs and building a healthier workforce. DataFit combines innovative technologies with a proven algorithm to provide the following benefits for employers in multiple markets.  

  • Scalable Solutions: We can help employers of all sizes with hundreds of assessment sites and on-location mobile units available across the country. 
  • Client Commitment: We help you identify and address your exact hiring needs through programs tailored around your ROI goals.  

  • Proven Methodologies: We have decades of experience and the largest knee and shoulder isokinetic database in the industry. 

  • Return on Investment: We drive quantifiable ROI by providing objective data that helps reduce workplace injuries, healthcare costs, and other indirect losses.  
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Data-Driven Assessments Tailored to Your Business

Ready to make your business a safer place while reducing costs? DataFit is the right partner for your business. 

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