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DataFit: Leaders in Data-Driven Muscle Strength Assessments for Employers of All Sizes

We are the go-to muscular health assessment partner for employers across North America. DataFit has a reputation for helping businesses put people in positions where they can be safest and most productive, all while helping employers save money. 


DataFit’s mission is to deliver reliable, data-driven muscle strength assessments that improve workplace safety and significantly enhance return on investment (ROI) for employers. 


DataFit first started supporting employers and employees back in 1998. DataFit has evolved over the decades, amassing an extensive database that informs our industry-leading assessments. Our commitment to adapt and innovate has made us a trusted name for employers, big and small, seeking tangible ROI through reduced workplace injuries.  


Our services span from comprehensive pre-employment assessments to ergonomic evaluations, all designed to cater to employers across a spectrum of sizes. No matter the assessment of analysis required, our focus is always on maximizing ROI and building healthier workforces.  

Our Services


DataFit’s approach is rooted in evidence-based evaluations, rigorous methodology, and standardized protocols. This process ensures a high level of objectivity and precision in assessments that are geared toward maximizing ROI.  

Our Value Proposition

DataFit uniquely combines innovative technologies with a proven algorithm designed to reduce healthcare costs. This quantifiable cost reduction contributes to direct value for our customers through the following differentiators. 

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Scalable Solutions

We can accommodate employers of various sizes with hundreds of assessment sites across the country and on-location mobile units.

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Client Commitment

We customize our programs to meet the unique needs and ROI goals of each client, regardless of size. 

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Proven Methodologies

DataFit has the largest knee and shoulder isokinetic database in the industry and uses a proprietary mathematical model to ensure objective assessments. 

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Return on Investment

We deliver directly quantifiable ROI through reduced workplace injuries, healthcare costs, and other indirect losses. 

Partner with DataFit Today

Interested in improving your ROI through safer, more effective hiring? DataFit is the partner for your business. 

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