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DataFit: Muscle Strength Assessments for the Manufacturing & Distribution Market

The physical demands of the manufacturing and distribution market take a major toll on both your business and its employees. DataFit acts as an objective partner for businesses seeking to build a healthier workforce while reducing skyrocketing healthcare costs and other employee-related expenses. 


DataFit has earned a reputation for helping businesses across North America build healthier, more resilient workforces through efficient, objective muscular health assessments. We work with employers in the manufacturing and distribution industries to analyze and address the specific challenges their employees face, including:  

  • Repetitive Tasks: Jobs often involve monotonous, repetitive actions that can lead to physical strain.  

  • Heavy Lifting: Handling heavy goods is a common requirement, increasing the risk of injuries.  
  • Prolonged Positions: Long periods of standing or sitting can contribute to musculoskeletal issues.  
Distribution workers

DataFit Solutions Tailored for the Manufacturing & Distribution

At DataFit, we’re focused on aligning your organization’s objectives with the physical capabilities and well-being of your employees. We help manufacturing and distribution businesses analyze their employees, new hires, and different job roles and give employers the objective data they need to make critical decisions. Our services include:  


DataFit’s goal is simple – build healthier workforces and help businesses save money through safe, objective, and efficient muscular health assessments. Your business can dictate the hiring criteria you prefer, and our standardized assessment and proven methodologies give you the information needed to match employees to appropriate jobs. As a result, organizations in the manufacturing and distribution sector can anticipate:  

  • Lowered Absenteeism: Reduced injury rates lead to fewer doctor’s appointments and missed days.  

  • Increased Productivity: Healthier employees who are well-suited for their roles are more productive.  

  • Extended Employee Work-Life: Addressing ergonomic issues prolongs the careers of your valuable employees.  
  • Return on Investment: Fewer healthcare and workers’ compensation claims directly reduce costs for employers. 
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Businesses that partner with DataFit generate an average return-on-investment of $5 for every $1 they invest. Use our online calculator to estimate your potential ROI.

Partner with DataFit for Data-Driven Solutions

Looking to enhance productivity and extend the work life of your employees? 

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