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New Hire Physical Capability Assessments

A healthy workforce is a more cost-effective workforce. DataFit partners with employers to match new hire candidates with available jobs to help them develop a safer and healthier workforce.


A bad hire is a costly mistake for employers. DataFit’s New Hire Physical Capability Assessments allow employers to take control of their hiring needs and enjoy the following benefits.

  • Risk Mitigation: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) cost businesses between $45-54 billion a year. New hire evaluations objectively match people to jobs they can perform to minimize injuries from day one.

  • Employee Efficiency: Healthier employees are more effective employees. By limiting the odds of ergonomic injuries, employees can operate at their peak physical performance.

  • ROI & Cost Savings: Prevention is more cost-effective than treatment. DataFit drives ROI by reducing medical claims, pharmacy, and workers’ compensation. Indirect savings are obtained through a reduction in absenteeism and turnover, unlike Functional Capacity Evaluations that tend to “pass” every new hire candidate.
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At DataFit, we match workers with open positions.  We do not eliminate opportunities. We evaluate job candidates and employees in a safe and legally defensible manner to help employers build a healthier workforce.

  • Standardized Assessments: Every candidate goes through the same rigorous, evidence-based assessment process. Assessments take less than 45 minutes using isokinetic machines to measure a candidate’s physical capabilities.

  • Flexible Scheduling: DataFit can handle high-volume evaluations using mobile units at an employer’s designated location or at hundreds of convenient locations through our nationwide provider network.

  • Employer-Controlled Criteria: Employers calibrate their own tolerance for legal challenges, hiring needs, and ROI provided they are in compliance with Department of Labor guidelines.

  • Analysis: Once assessments are complete, objective, data-driven reports are delivered in less than 24 hours to provide employers with the necessary information to make their hiring decisions.
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Why DataFit is the Right Choice for New Hire Assessments

Nobody has the breadth of experience and sheer volume of data as DataFit. After decades of assessments, we’ve developed the largest knee and shoulder isokinetic database in the industry and continually adapt and improve methodologies based on industry needs and technological advancements. We are the leaders in our industry, and we deliver the following benefits for our partners.

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Consistent Results

We deliver honest information with every New Hire Assessment. We are committed to providing accurate, consistent assessments and have the history to prove it.

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Employer Control

Employers know their business the best. We can adjust our scores to cater to diverse job roles and accommodate hiring standards based on the employer’s comfort level.

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EEO Compliance

DataFit delivers objective data to help employers make critical decisions. Our process is reviewed by labor attorneys to meet or exceed existing regulatory standards.

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ROI Driven

We assess job candidates, and you save money. Programs managed by DataFit generate an average return-on-investment of $5 for every $1 invested in the the program for employers with physically demanding jobs.

Want to know how much your business can save? Use our online ROI calculator to receive an estimate of savings based on only a few datapoints.

Create a More Sustainable Workplace with DataFit

It’s time to hire the right candidates for your business. Let DataFit transform your workforce through objective data.

Contact us today for New Hire Physical Capability Assessments.