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Muscle Health-Driven Connections

The fast-moving, physically demanding, and intense industrial workplace is driven by people who focus on the work and shoulder the responsibilities. More often than not, this comes at the expense of the employee’s health. In the long run, this is disadvantageous for both the employee and the employer.


In recent years, workplace health and well-being have taken precedence for employers. Many studies on employee engagement and workplace well-being have accepted conclusive results. These results suggest how the physically demanding workplace culture chips away at the employee's physical health and well-being. Leading to quitting, moonlighting, lower productivity, and other less favorable outcomes.


It has paved the way for employers to devise employee wellness plans. The easiest and most feasible way is using an employee mobile health (mHealth) app.


With employee mHealth apps, the idea of workplace-incentivized fitness challenges has gained significant popularity. Integrating fitness challenges encourages employees to adopt healthier habits and lifestyles through healthy competition.


Employee mHealth apps have taken on several problems of the deteriorating muscle health of employees and posed them into one solution. In a world struggling with accessibility and motivation, these apps have optimized physical health for many organizations.


Why Choose Employee Wellness in the form of a mobile app?

Employers recognize the idea of employee wellness. They're now increasingly looking for platforms to enhance employee engagement and health. It is well-understood that healthy employees lead to a healthier workplace. Employers want to emphasize the human aspect of life by adding a holistic approach to their employees' physical health and well-being.


Keeping aside the obvious reason physically healthy employees result in a place that yields higher productivity and less healthcare costs. Let's have a look at other reasons for employee wellness programs.


In a study produced by the Harvard Business Review, it was seen that many big-tier corporations that opted for employee wellness programs saw cumulative gains in their company fortunes. The wellness programs helped reduce the number of at-risk employees by engaging them in exercise routines. This reduction in at-risk employees helped the companies save on medical expenses and other direct and indirect costs.


These mHealth apps have brought together the mental and physical aspects of employee well-being. They are compatible and accessible for different requirements. They make the well-being of the employees relevant without compromising on quality. These apps produce greater productivity and higher morale in the workplace and have been proven to lessen the chances of physical fatigue or injury.


Benefits of Employee Wellness Apps

An American Psychological Association (APA) study found that workplace wellness programs significantly improved employee performance. Here are a few benefits of employee wellness mHealth apps.


  1. Better Employee Health

A wellness app's primary objective is to enhance fitness; therefore, it works well for your workplace wellness plans. As a result, absenteeism is minimized, and productivity and efficiency are maximized.


  1. Tracks the Physical Health of the Workforce

Since physical health is such a vital matter for industrial jobs, it is important to keep an accurate tab on it. Having apps in this regard will make life a lot easier for a business. You can actively track your employees' health with mHealth apps.


  1. Reduced Healthcare Cost

mHealth apps encourage a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy workforce means a fitter workforce. It means you will have much lower healthcare costs and other related workforce costs.


  1. Convenience

Employers benefit greatly from apps as they are never off duty. These apps are also very accurate because they're digital tools. All of this makes it much easier for employers to oversee and encourage the health of their workforce.


Wellness programs offer employees the opportunity to look after their physical health and wellness. The employers also get a sense of direct contribution towards their employees. A good mHealth app comes with interactive features that impact people's lives.


There are many benefits of an employee wellness program, such as better health, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness, to name a few. The advantages are as obvious as the ever-growing employee wellness industry. An employee mHealth app not only helps to improve employee health but positively impacts the company too.


Don’t know which to choose?

Check out the DataFit FIT Tracker mHealth App. This interactive mobile health app combines the data from our physical capability assessments with a well-designed workout plan for employees. Utilizing this targeted approach, employees get a fitness routine designed to improve their muscle health, and employers get a workforce that will be healthier and less costly for years to come.

About the author

Philip Stotter, MS, CEP

Philip Stotter, MS, CEP has over 25+ years of experience in the medical, health, wellness, and professional sports industries. Clinician turned business developer, Philip is a sought-after industry speaker and professional consultant. His ground-breaking work in injury prevention, paired with the science of human movement, has put him at the forefront of product development with a multidisciplinary approach that integrates physiology, biomechanics, cutting-edge technologies, and data-driven research.