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Is the DataFit New Hire Physical Capability Assessment the right FIT for your business?

If you are considering implementing the DataFit New-Hire Physical Capabilities Assessments (PCA) for your organization, but aren't sure whether it will benefit your organization, the following five questions can help you decide:


  1. Do you have jobs that involve physical work and are likely to result in injuries such as strains, sprains, tears, breaks, and repetitive injuries to the shoulders and knees? If yes, then PCA can help reduce these injuries and costs.


  1. Are you experiencing injuries in new hires? Check your loss runs and compare the date of injury to the hire date. If you're experiencing several injuries within the first two years of hire, chances are the persons hired didn't have the physical abilities to do the job in the first place.


  1. Are you hiring a significant number of new employees each year? If you are only hiring a handful of people each year in a large organization (>500 employees), then it's likely that lower savings from new-hire testing will not make a serious dent in your injury incidents or costs.


  1. Do you have support for conducting physical capability assessments for new hires from the other stakeholders in your organization? You'll need to make sure that talent acquisition, legal counsel, and operations departments understand the potential benefits of this program.


  1. Can you evaluate the potential ROI from the DataFit New-Hire PCA? Focus on the potential return on investment, which can be as high as 500% in the first 1-2 years of testing. You can use our online Workers' Comp Calculator Workers Comp Calculator | DataFit ( to estimate the potential ROI for your organization.


If you answered YES to the five questions mentioned above, there is a high probability that your organization will witness injury and cost avoidance that leads to cost savings from incorporating the DataFit New-Hire PCA. You will have the backing and proof to endorse such a program to your executive team, and it will portray you as a champion to your organization.

About the author

Philip Stotter, MS, CEP

Philip Stotter, MS, CEP has over 25+ years of experience in the medical, health, wellness, and professional sports industries. Clinician turned business developer, Philip is a sought-after industry speaker and professional consultant. His ground-breaking work in injury prevention, paired with the science of human movement, has put him at the forefront of product development with a multidisciplinary approach that integrates physiology, biomechanics, cutting-edge technologies, and data-driven research.